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The Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners has been discussed for nearly 20 years. This is history in the making.

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The College is the first specialist Paramedic Practitioner College to be founded in Australasia.  The College is the voice of Paramedic Practitioners and Paramedics working in Primary Healthcare, our members. It is clear that to achieve a full Paramedic Practitioner model there needs to be one leading and strong voice advocating for innovation and change.

The College believes it has an integral role in being the accrediting agency for higher education Paramedic Practitioner nested programs.  The College, being the accreditation agency for Paramedic Practitioner and Primary Healthcare education will ensure that a consistent education standard is applied to curriculum development, teaching and learning resulting in an outstanding graduate who will meet the requirements Paramedic Practitioner Practice Framework. The College has developed an overarching role of quality assurance by implementing the Accreditation of Paramedic Practitioner Programs and overseeing the Paramedic Practitioner Practice Framework.

The College is undertaking a structured and well thought out approach to political lobbying to achieve a legal framework for PP introduction and practice, including access to the PBS and MBS.  To achieve such a mammoth goal, it will be vital for the College to form partnerships with Paramedic organisations, colleges, employers and unions.  Relationships with medical colleges and professional organisations is essential. 


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