ACPP Board Members


Duncan McConnell - AIPP President & Treasurer


Duncan is a Queensland based Senior Advanced Care Paramedic who has worked both in Australia and Internationally and is a Fellow of AIPP. Duncan holds a Masters of Paramedic Practitioner and has worked with DFAT, WHO and various Ministries of Health across low-to-middle income countries to advanced and enhance the delivery of both emergency and primary healthcare deliver to enhance local healthcare systems.

Duncan is also a sitting Board Director on the International College of Advanced Paramedic Practice (I-CAPP) and the Global Paramedic Higher Education Council (GPHEC).



Nathan Puckeridge – AIPP Secretary


Nathan is a current Paramedic and Supervisor with Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and has spent his entire career in healthcare. Beginning as a “Medical Sailor” in the Royal Australian Navy and then landing in the Ambulance service of NSW as a Paramedic.

Nathan has previously worked as a Paramedic in the remote mining and civil sectors in Australia, He has overseas clinical experience working in Abu Dhabi Afghanistan and Dubai and the Education manage for the National Ambulance in Abu Dhabi. His international career has spanned some of the most amazing and dangerous environments in the world.


John Venning - AIPP Vice President & Membership


John is a Paramedic Practitioner, holding a Masters degree, and is a Fellow of AIPP.  John works as a registered paramedic in remote industrial sites around Australia and has been in healthcare for over 35 years working for state ambulance services and in community/industrial settings, as well as nursing and for medical device companies. John is passionate about advancing paramedicine into the wider healthcare setting.




Bob Aley



Bob is one of AIPP’s inaugural independent directors. Bob has a military background, resigning as a Lieutenant Colonel. Bob then became a management consultant, running his own company as well as working nationally and internationally for major global consulting firms in the areas of change management, organisational development and business transformation.      


Jennie Matthews


Currently based in rural Queensland, Jennie has over 25 years experience as a Senior Advanced Care Paramedic across three States.  She is a leader in the development of the Paramedic Practitioner model and the introduction of paramedics within the Primary Healthcare space.

Jennie is currently completing her Masters of Advanced Care (Paramedic Practitioner) with Deakin University and her Bachelor of Laws through UNE with an interest in health and industrial law.

Jennie is our Past President of AIPP.