ACPP Board Members

ACPP Executive Board Members  


Jennie Mathews – ACPP President


Currently based in rural Queensland, Jennie has over 25 years experience as a Senior Advanced Care Paramedic across three States.  She is a leader in the development of the Paramedic Practitioner model and the introduction of paramedics within the Primary Healthcare space.

Jennie is currently completing her Masters of Advanced Care (Paramedic Practitioner) with Deakin University and her Bachelor of Laws through UNE with an interest in health and industrial law.


David Krygger - ACCP Vice President

David is an Extended Scope of Practice, Senior Advanced Care Paramedic based in Queensland. David was one of the first paramedics in Queensland to complete the Queensland Ambulance Service Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Assessment and Clinical Reasoning. David has also been instrumental in the establishment and delivery a series of professional development education sessions within the ACPP.


Greg Raeburn – ACPP SecretaryGR

Greg is a founding member of ACPP. Greg is a Queensland based critical care paramedic with 30 years of front-line experience. Greg is also a part academic and a Physician Assistant. Currently working in a rural town.


Duncan McConnell - ACPP Treasurer


Duncan is a Queensland based Senior Advanced Care Paramedic who has worked both in Australia and Internationally. Duncan holds a Masters of Paramedic Practitioner and has worked with DFAT, WHO and various Ministries of Health across low-to-middle income countries to advanced and enhance the delivery of both emergency and primary healthcare deliver to enhance local healthcare systems.

Duncan is also a sitting Board Director on the International College of Advanced Paramedic Practice (I-CAPP) and the Global Paramedic Higher Education Council (GPHEC).


Independent Board ACPP Members  


Bob Aley



Bob is one of ACPP’s inaugural independent directors. Bob has a military background, resigning as a Lieutenant Colonel. Bob then became a management consultant, running his own company as well as working nationally and internationally for major global consulting firms in the areas of change management, organisational development and business transformation.      


Andrew McDonnell

Andrew is one of ACPP's founding members and ACPP's inaugural President. Andrew is based in Victoria and is the CEO of the HMS Community, a community health network lead by paramedics, nurses and other allied health providers, to provide support to the community within their own home or community. Andrew's experience has spanned across academia, state ambulance service delivery and community centred care.

Daniel Fogarty


Daniel is a WA based remote Paramedic working in the resource industry for the last ten years in Australia and the Middle East. With 15 years on-road as an ALS Paramedic with AV and as an Army medic for 9 years,  Daniel is passionate about equitable and accessible healthcare to remote, isolated and vulnerable communities. His special interests include primary and community health and furthering the scope of practice for solo and under-resourced heath care practices.