Community Paramedic - Position Description



Registration and AIPP Membership

Is an AHPRA/PCNZ registered and experienced paramedic and General Member of AIPP.


Has a postgraduate qualification (AQF-8/NZQF8) (or equivalent) in primary healthcare, from an AIPP supported Course.

Domain of care

Performs care that is preventive, proactive and/or reactive.

Practice location

Practices in a variety of clinical settings. Including, but not limited to, home based care, aged care facilities, community clinics, Hospitals, GP surgeries, remote and isolated environments, and ambulance services.

Patient centred care

Practice’s patient centred care, works collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team to safely monitor, treat and refer patients on individualised health care plan.

Clinical reasoning

Takes a comprehensive biopsychosocial history, performs advanced examinations and assessments, applies clinical reasoning, assesses risk, and makes evidenced based decisions.

Pathology and Imaging

Performs and interprets basic (point of care) pathology tests.


Administers mediation in accordance with local guidelines. Consults for additions or alterations to medication/prescription regimes.

Treatment plans

Can safely provide care for, contribute to and temporarily adjust treatment plans within practice capabilities. Long term alterations to treatment plans require consultation.


Provides emergency and generalist primary health care to a broad range of patients. Individual scope is defined by educational qualifications, professional practice capabilities and experience. Scope, grows with continuing professional development and is consistent with local needs.

Evidence based care

Provides care that is evidenced based and consistent with professional practice capabilities and experience.


Supports the wider healthcare system by collaborating with more qualified and experienced clinicians and practices within multidisciplinary teams.


Participates in reflective practice, continual professional development, and quality improvement systems.