ACPP Gets Nod to Undertake Credentialling of Paramedic Practitioners

19th June 2020

The College has been working with Paramedicine Board of Australia to determine if the College was able to credential Paramedic Practitioners and Paramedics practising in Primary Healthcare ( 

The College was keen to ensure that we were not stepping into territory that belonged to the AHPRA and the Paramedicine Registration Board of Australia (PBA).  The College wrote to the Paramedicine Board of Australia describing our Accreditation of Paramedic Practitioner Programs and Paramedic Practitioner Practice Framework.  The PBA reviewed its statutory powers and responsibilities in relation to the College's correspondence.  The PBA determined the following;

"The Board congratulates the ACPP on its initiative and the high quality of work undertaken to date and sees no obvious impediment to the ACPP continuing its work".

This means that the College has no impediment to undertaking credentialing of Paramedic Practitioner Programs and/or Paramedic Practitioners and Paramedics working in Primary Healthcare.  This means the College will continue to evolve our credentialing programs of Universities and practitioners.  The College's membership levels ( match appropriate levels of practice, qualification and title.  The clearing of this potentially major hurdle will further enhance the College's ability to achieve our major aim of introducing Paramedic Practitioners into the Australian and New Zealand Healthcare landscape.

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