Tas Legislation Allows Paramedics to Immunise

27th June 2021
By a

Tasmania has become the first State or Territory to formally legislate and recognise Paramedics as prescribed persons (alongside registered nurses, midwives, pharmaceutical chemists (etc)) to administer immunisations.
Poisons Amendment Regulations 2021 was signed off by Governor Warner and came into effect on the 24th May 2021.
This means, that a Registered Paramedic who meets the criteria set out in the regulations will be able to administer any immunisation within the State of Tasmania on an ongoing basis.
ACPP would like to congratulate our members who were involved the lobbying of politicians, bureaucrats and the Minister of Health. Your work has paid off and our profession thanks you.

This is a major leap forward for our profession and we hope the other states and territories will soon follow Tasmania’s lead.

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