Paramedic Practitioner Day 10th October

9th October 2021

The 10th October celebrates the announcement of the introduction of Paramedic Practitioners into a health workforce by then Minister of Health for Victoria, The Hon. Jill Hennessy.  Mrs Hennessy was a visionary and supported innovation. We celebrate the paramedics who lead this revolution and have been fighting for recognition and change.  We have lots to celebrate.  

Our College was formed after this announcement.  In a short time the College has achieved;

  • Membership in every state of Australia and New Zealand
  • Supported Deakin Medicine introduce a Master/Doctor in Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Lobbied Governments in all states and New Zealand
  • Become the first Paramedicine organisation to gain membership on the National Prescribing Service
  • Recognise Paramedics working in Primary Care
  • Spoken at Government enquires
  • Saw the first College accredited Paramedic Practitioner employed in Australia
  • Tasmania looking at the introduction of a Paramedic Practitioner model

As Paramedics we look forward to the introduction of Paramedic Practitioners with advanced knowledge and skills working for a multiple of employers with an option for private practice.  With your help, the future is just around the corner.

Let’s all celebrate our achievements.

PP Day 10 Oct Jill H Promise 2018

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