Deakin Medicine: Paramedic Practitioner Course

12th August 2020

BREAKING: Paramedic Practitioner Course Announced

The Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners - your College was active in assisting Deakin University to get this Advanced Clinical Practice Program accredited.  Dr Kate Kloot FACPP(Hon) of Deakin University and ACPP Fellow was the key driver within the University Sector.  A special congratulations to Kate for all her amazing work and spending many hundreds of unpaid hours getting this course accredited.


BREAKING: Paramedic Practitioner Course Announced
Deakin Medicine announces that their Paramedic Practitioner Program has been approved! The program will commence in Trimester 1 2021.
The Course is a Master program with exit points, and the ability to extend from the Master into the Doctor of Advanced Clinical Practice.
The program links nicely into ACPP membership levels.  Graduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Care = ACPP Member (Community Paramedic); Graduate Diploma of Advanced Clinical Practice = ACPP Associate Fellow (Primary Care Paramedic); Master of Advanced Clinical Practice = ACPP Fellow (Paramedic Practitioner); Doctor of Advanced Clinical Practice = ACPP Doctere (Consultant Paramedic Practitioner)
It will be taught by specialist medical practitioners, radiographers, nutritionists and other who make up the medical school.
Deakin Media will release more information over the next month.
Contact Dr Kate Kloot at Deakin Medicine
Paramedic & Dr Kate Kloot, FACPP (Hon)


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