Tasmanian Labor Promises Paramedic Practitoner Jobs

11th April 2021

The Tasmanian Labor Party has committed to employing Paramedic Practitioners into 10 GP Extended Care Centres if elected to Government.

This is the first time that a polical party has introduced policy that will employ Paramedic Practitioners. 

"Labor will also establish 10 GP extended care centres open from 8am-8pm for up to seven days a week to take pressure off the emergency departments by giving Tasmanians better access to urgent care in the community."

Two extended care GP centres are proposed in each electorate, where demand is most needed.

Labor's health spokesman Dr Bastian Seidel said the extended care centre would mean patients could access urgent care at GP practices after hours and on weekends.

"We are committing to fund GP practices to offer that service. We are also committed to employ paramedic practitioners at each and every one of those extended care centres," Dr Seidel said.

Your College has been working very hard behind the scenes to achieve this outcome.  The Board has decided to endsore the policy (not the party).

This is a major achievement in the introduction of a Paramedic Practitioner into the Australia Health Care System.

Click here for media release: Paramedic Practitioners in GP Extended Care Centres

Tasmanian Labor's Committment: Tasmanian Examiner

Website: Tasmanian Labor Promised Paramedic Practitioners

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