13th October 2021

Today is significant in Paramedic history.  For the first time in any Australian Government document, Paramedics have been recognised as "primary care providers".   The document is the Future focused primary health care: Australia’s Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan 2022-2032 Consultation Draft.

Key Quote

Innovative funding models: Develop innovative equitably funded models for a range of primary health care services, including allied health, non-dispensing pharmacists, nursing, mental health services, paramedics and rural and remote communities, building on the work of the National Rural Health Commissioner and suggested models.

Paramedics are also acknowledged in other parts of the report.

Only two month ago, there was not one mention or thought of paramedics by the Committee overseeing this report. 

Contrary to the claims of others, it was our College, our members and partners who achieved this momentum change in the Committee's direction and thinking.

The draft report has recommended innovative funding for paramedics in primary care services,

The draft plan can be found at: Click Here


On the same webpage as the draft report there is a feed back survey (Click here).

We encourage all our members to complete.

Please let others know and encourage them to complete also.  The survey closes: 8 November 2021.

Congratulations to all involved.

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