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Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners

Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners - BankVic Educational Scholarships

Australian Health Professional Registration Authority - Paramedicine Registration

Australian Journal of Paramedicine (Peer)

Australian Paramedic

BankVic (Partnership with ACPP to provide Income Protection and Accident Insurance, Banking Products etc)

CRANA Plus (MOU Partner) - CPD

Guiding Principles for Hospital in the Home (Scotland) - Set up booklet being reviewed by Australian Governments: Mention of PPs

Historical Submission to the APHRA Registration Committee

Overview of Paramedic Profession in Australia

Paramedic workforce in rural, regional and remote Australia

Therapeutic Guidelines (Doctor's Guidelines in Australia & New Zealand - ACPP Members 10% off subscriptions)

Victorian Ambulance Union (Community Partner with Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners)

Articles Related to Paramedic Practitioners and Paramedics Providing Primary Healthcare

ACPP - Paramedicine Registration Board gives nod for College to undertake Paramedic Practitioner (Advanced Practice) and University PP Course Credentialling

Allied Health Professions Australia (ACPP is the only Paramedic Organisation Member)

Australian Journal of Paramedicine - The Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners - A Specialist College for Paramedics in Primary Care (2020)

Deakin University - Medicine: Master & Doctor of Advanced Clinical Practice - Paramedicine Practitioner

NPS Medicine Wise - National Prescribing Service (ACPP is only Paramedic Organisation Member)

Paramedicine Registration Board of Australia Statistics

Position Statement: Paramedic Practitioners (2020 Australia)

Rural Paramedic Practitioner – A future model of care (2017 Australia)

Victorian Government Announcement of Paramedic Practitioners (10 October 2018 - Paramedic Practitioner Day)

Wikipeda Paramedics in Australia - Reference to Paramedic Practitioners