Paramedic Practitioner Practice Framework


Paramedicine has unashamedly and with great pride, evolved its roots from medicine, and evolved medicine into practice with or without modification. The title “Paramedic or Pmd” means para=alongside; medic=medicine.  Paramedics already perform assessment, diagnosis and treatment.  Paramedic practitioners build upon their undergraduate education and will undertake paramedic practitioner education delivered at Master and/or Doctorate levels.  The scope of the paramedic practitioner role will involve the application of complex critical thinking, evidence based clinical decision making and providing advanced clinical care.

Paramedic practitioners will be able assess, order, and interpret investigations and imaging, diagnose, prescribe medication and undertake patient care.  The key to the practice of a paramedic practitioner is to work independently or alongside our medical, nursing and allied health colleagues in a multidisciplined team.

Research, reflective practice, revaluation and innovation are integral to the paramedic practitioner model. These essential professional competencies will result in the improvement of health care delivery to our community, whether rural, urban or metropolitan.

The Paramedic Practitioner Practice Framework has been developed to describe a range of Paramedic Practitioner behaviours that are believed to improve the clinical practice, performance and, most importantly, patient care and outcome.  The professional behaviours include a range of dot points that will guide practice, but in no manner are they intended to be exhaustive.  Many other disciplines have similar frameworks written within their own context.  ACPP has used the experience of our medical and health colleagues to develop our framework.

The Framework

The Australasian College of Paramedic Practitioners (ACPP) has divided this current framework into four elements;

  • Element 1. Performs accurate clinical assessment and diagnosis
  • Element 2. Develops care plans within a person-centred approach
  • Element 3. Prescribes and provides appropriate patient care
  • Element 4. Evaluates own practice, promotes the profession and strives to improve patient care

The framework is designed to be a reference point to a range of groups, including paramedic practitioners, health professionals, paramedicine, educational institutions, government, policy makers, employers, regulatory authorities and the community. 

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AS002 Paramedic Practice Framework

Information About The Framework

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