Australian Institute of Paramedic Practitioners

AIPP Vision:

Paramedic Practitioners, and paramedics with primary healthcare skills: improving the quality of community healthcare.

AIPP Mission:

AIPP will create pathways for Paramedic Practitioners, and other paramedics with primary healthcare skills, to practice their professional capabilities in the Australasian healthcare system.

AIPP also aims to establish educational and practice standards for these specialist paramedics. 

PP 2 in actionThe genesis of the Australian Institute of Paramedic Practitioners (AIPP) began with four Critical Care Paramedics who had all recently graduated as Physician Assistants (PA). During (PA) clinical placement they all shared an immersive and diverse clinical experience and realised that paramedics, with additional primary care skills, can be a versatile and valuable addition to the wider healthcare system. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for paramedics to expand their primary care skills within and outside of ambulance services they formed AIPP.

The evolution of paramedics into the broader health care system is highly complex and will take time and patience, but it is inevitable. Besides creating pathways to employment AIPP also aims to set standards for education and professional practice.

Paramedicine is the forgotten health profession. It is mostly siloed into ambulance services and the remote oil and gas industry. AIPP is the specialist institute founded to introduce Australasian paramedics, with additional primary care skills, into the broader healthcare system. Just as Medicine and Nursing have specialist Colleges that represent their specialist clinicians, AIPP represents Paramedics with additional primary care skills.

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